NONI Herbal Hair Dye

When we bagged the BSY Noni Black Hair Magic account, we knew that we were up against giants. Brands like L’oreal, Garnier, Godrej, Revlon and others were deeply entrenched in the market.

To get into a little background, BSY Noni Black Hair Magic produced with US technology is very popular in 28 countries so far.  In India, this is being distributed by PRIIS Trading Company based in Kochi. 

All the hair colors contain Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which is a chemical substance that is widely used in permanent hair dye and it is present in the products which don’t have ammonia.  According to the FDA, American Cancer Society, CDC, NIH, National Cancer Institute -and a plethora of other consumer organizations PPD can cause allergic reactions including redness, rashes, sores, burning sensations, itching and headaches. This is linked to occurrence of cancer too.

We identified the fact that NONI contains no ammonia and at the same time it is PPD free and suggested that this be used as the USP in their marketing strategy. A print campaign was released in Vanitha, the popular women’s magazine in Kerala. This worked wonders for the brand and sales increased. Brand visibility and awareness increased too.

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