Indian Bank wanted to generate leads for their Home Loan Products,  Vehicle Loan Products and MSME Products


We did an intensive keyword research for the loan products targeted and made a list of keywords with commercial intent. We want to lower the cost per acquisition and at  the same time keeping the cost per click at the lowest.

We kept optimizing the keywords, bid strategy and monitored the performance at the campaign level, ad group level and the keywords level. We drove traffic to the optimized landing pages on their website and also created a conversion pixel to measure the results.

Services Provided

Lead Generation campaign 


We saw and amazing boost in the number of clicks and in the number of conversions. The strong 

brand name and the product proposition with lowest interest rates played a major part in the results.

Home Loan  Products

No. of Impressions : 530645

No. of Clicks:30154

No. of Leads Generated: 4005

MSME Loan Products

No. of Impressions : 302461

No. of Clicks:14521

No. of Leads Generated: 3421


Vehicle Loan Products

No. of Impressions : 61245

No. of Clicks: 10308

No. of Leads Generated: 1405