Client : NewsX (English news channel from iTV stable)


Backgrounder: Anupama Chopra, well known film critic has in her earlier avatar, reviewed films and everything about films, with

NDTV and Star. This time, in her current avatar – she is talking all things filmy – including  news, views, reviews, gossip and meeting

the people behind the stars and the successes, only on NewsX.


Task to the Agency: To launch her show ‘At the Movies’ on NewsX in the digital and print medium and create a buzz around it.


Direction taken: Using film idioms and terminology and a host of binary alternatives that define box office successes, ‘At the Movies’ was launched with Anupama Chopra at the helm.


Result: The campaign was a huge success. The show has attracted a vast audience and the viewership is rising on week-to-week basis. This program is, now, one of the most-watched shows on the channel.